Registering a Model Traction Engine for use on the public highway.

When I came to register my 4" Ruston Proctor SD Tractor, I found various sources of information, much of it incomplete, & ended up completely confused. I decided to make a note of what I did in the hope that it may help someone else (or me, if I make another model!) This is an account of my experiences with the DVLA Chelmsford office. I understand that different offices have different requirements, so this can only be a guide.
Ruston Proctor SD First, get the boiler tested. I got one of the boiler testers at my local model engineering club to do this & I am now the proud owner of steam & hydraulic test certificates.
Next insurance. I used Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers. An application form can be downloaded. The engine is identified by the boiler number, as it has no registration number at the moment.The form was completed & returned with a cheque for the premium & the insurance certificate arrived a couple of days later.
Now the DVLA! Two forms are needed,V627/1 can be down-loaded from the DVLA web site here.
The second form is V55/4 which can be ordered on-line or by phone. I waited in vain for two weeks after trying both methods & in the end collected a form from my local office!
Completing the forms:
Name, address & phone number: your details
Make: name of prototype maker, in my case Ruston Proctor.
Model: model of prototype, in my case SD Tractor.
Colour: As appropriate.
Taxation class: Steam Vehicle.
Year of Manufacture: year in which boiler was made.
Currently Licensed: tick No.
Major Components
(delete as appropriate)
(Registration mark
or new)
Make of
Vehicle component
Chassis/Body shell enter
boiler number
new   yes
Axles n/a new   yes
Transmission n/a new   yes
Steering assembly n/a new   yes
Engine n/a new   yes
Suspension (front & back) n/a new   yes
Sign & date.
Side 2:
Year in which rebuild was completed? as appropriate.
Was the vehicle rebuilt by you? as appropriate.
All other entries were left blank.
Only boxes completed are listed. All others were left blank.
2 Taxation class: steam vehicle
3 Period of Licence applied for: 12 months
5 Make: name of prototype maker, in my case Ruston Proctor.
6 Model: model of prototype, in my case SD Tractor.
7 Type of body:steam tractor
8 Wheel plan: 2 axle rigid
9 Colour(s): as appropriate
10 Type approval number/catagory: n/a
26 Date from which licence is to run: as required
27 Type of fuel: steam
28 VIN/Chassis/Frame No: boiler number
29 Engine number: boiler number
20 Cylinder capacity: n/a
41 Partial postcode of purchaser: first part of your postcode
42 Name & address of vehicle keeper: your details
43 Date of birth: your details
sign & date
And finally..
Take the forms to your local DVLA office. You will need the following:
The two forms.
Receipts for all the bits of your model.
Insurance certificate.
Payment (currently,2008 £55)
Proof of identity. A photocard driving licence alone is OK, otherwise you need one of the following to prove your identity:
Current paper licence
UK/EU or foreign passport
Marriage certificate
Decree nisi/absolute
Birth certificate
AND one of the following to prove your address:
Utility bill gas, electricity, water, land line telephone
Bank/Building society statement
Medical card
Council tax bill for current year
A few days after my vist, the vehicle inspector called to arrange a vist, which took place a couple of days later (the inspection is purely to confirm the identity of the vehicle, not a safety or road-worthiness inspection). About 2 weeks later, the tax disc arrived together with a form authorizing me to buy number plates. And now I'm on the road! Yipee!!!
p.s. don't forget to inform your insurers of the registration number!